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CampFire was designed to help risk managers level up their professional and personal lives.  The Risk Mangers here are doing more than just talking about being better – they’re actually doing the work required to be one. As a member of this elite mastermind, you’ll have access to all the tools, resources, and connections you’ll need to dramatically increase your personal and professional life.

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If an invitation is extended to you, you will recieve

  • 12 Week True North Plan
  • Weekly Virtual Sessions
  • Closed FaceBook Group
  • Scout Teams
  • Iron Ranger Leader
  • Assignments
  • Challenges
  • Resources
  • Book Club
  • No Contracts

Why are some people so successful and I can’t seem to get the same results.

It’s simple, you have a set of beliefs that are holding you back.  Things that were taught to you long ago by people you respected.  Unfotuanately, you never verified the information, just accepted it at face value.  And sorry, but it was wrong.  You have been programmed to believe the wrong things.  And it’s keeping you stuck.

What if CampFire could show you the real way?

Step 2.  Action

Call it execution, call it doing, or call it action.  It doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you take the information you learn and apply massive action.  The reason that you haven’t see massive results is that you keep doing the same things over and over again and expecting results.  I think Einstein taught you that years ago.  You know it but you are still doing the same thing.  PARMA, AGRIP, CAJPA and all the other annual conferences you go to year after year.   As part of CampFire you are going to have to take massive action. As Grant Cardone says get obessed and go big – 10x big.

Step 3. The Hike

Once you get the knowledge and are ready to take massive action, you need to know you can achieve things much greater than you ever thought.  You have to run the gauntlet.  Challenge yourself like never before.  Cause a rukus and break your old mold.  To do this you need a physical and mental challenge to prove yourself to yourself.  Hence the Hike.  3 days of intense learning, physical, mental and emotional endurance.

If you are serious about becoming the best risk manager, protecting the lives of others, and being an upstanding public figure, then I encourage you to apply to become a member of CampFire.

But be warned.

Just because you apply doesn’t mean you will receive an invitation.  Unlike most groups, CampFire is an elite mastermind and we are only looking for people who truly want to improve their professional and personal lives.

My name is Steve Wilmes and I am the founder and creator of CampFire.

We are a tight knit group of risk managers who are fully committed to a quality of life measured in more than dollars and cents.

quality relationships with our families

quality relationships with our staff and communities

enormous confidence in our professional affairs

highest level of ethics

We demand that we excel in every area of our lives known as the Cardinal Points

  • Networks (relationships)
  • Finances (wealth)
  • Personal Growth (self mastery)
  • Wellness (health)

We don’t care about theories, what should work and what people think doesn’t work.  We care about actual results.  Real actions that get real results.

So, if you are ready to be held accountable and create the incredible professional and personal life you deserve, then CampFire is exactly what you are looking for.



I encourage you to apply now!

Steve Wilmes


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